Anne's Glory Box - Anne's Glory Box. now in New Lambton - Books, silk prints, patchwork, cloth doll patterns, fabrics, ribbons and laces, embroidery

Anne's Glory Box was opened in 1976 by Anne O'Brien and I (hence the name). Originally, the shop stocked quality lingerie, gifts and linens for the glory box or hope chest

After some years, Anne retired. The origional philosophy of "giving people what they want" was married with a new philosophy - "Make it yourself and make it better". Soon a classroom was added to the shop and I began to teach classes.

I had been embroidering since the age of eight. As children, we were not allowed to say that we were bored as long as there was gardening to be done. Instead, I asked my mother and my aunt to teach me embroidery. I've always loved flowers, but they were too slow to come up and flower for my liking. For impatient people like me, a friendly local florist is a necessity.

I had already been teaching classes in the use of cosmetics so I thought teaching needleworkand crafts shouldn't be too difficult. Little did I thinkthat it would lead to a craeer which included teaching in Australia and three or four times in the United States as well!

It was a group of my friends, meeting each week to make Christmas ornaments and decorations, who gave me the confidence to add that classroom. Soon, I was invited to demonstrate a Christmas ornament on television and now I have a regular segment every two weeks.

Anne's Glory Box has also built a close relationship with many international teachersof needlework and crafts. This resulted largely from one of life's happy accidents. In 1988, I learned that Pat Kyser, a well known teacher of patchwork was coming from the United States to teach in Australia and the class had to be cancelled due to a lack of venue. With onlt three days to go, I offered my classroom and these special classes began. As Pat tells it, 'the ball was dropped ans Gloria picked it up!'.

Through Pat, I was introduced to Martha Pullen, a relationship that has blossomed on both sides. I teach twice a year at Martha's schools in Alabama and Orlando, Florida.

When I teach two or three times each year in the United States, I renew fond friendships made with loyal students who love to come to all my classes, especially all at Piecemakers, who have become my American family.

Now modern technology and the Internet have brought us all closer together we are constantly finding new friends for the store. I am thrilled that you love what we bring you


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